How to actually find your bearing with a sun and a watch

– Today, I will teach you how to find the North with the sun and an analog watch. Actually, you can do without the watch, if you know the time. Why would I want to know that? It's one of those little tricks that occasionally come very useful, like the rule of three, opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew, or […]

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Cooking with Nick: Ja! cheeseburgers


– Stacking buns, meat and cheese is a relic of the past, a testament to the inefficiencies of the Old World. Germany is giving us a glimpse of future of eating with their assortment of pre-assembled staple foods. In the name of science, I decided to put them to the test. This week, we're cooking REWE's Ja! cheeseburgers. Inside the Ja! branded […]

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Trading a Canadian driver license for a German one

– This article is another addition to the "moving to Germany" series. It was republished on All About Berlin, where you can still find the whole article. Read this article on All About Berlin

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Finding your first flat in Berlin, the no-nonsense guide

– I have written another, more complete resource for finding an apartment in Berlin on All About Berlin. I recommend checking out the new article as it's actively maintained. So it's official. You're coming to Berlin and you need to find a place to live. You don't speak German, you don't know how much to pay in rent, and you have […]

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Cooking with Nick: Maple syrup dumplings

Grands-pères au sirop d'érable

– Today, we are going to prepare a traditional Québécois dessert, grands-pères au syrop d'érable.

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In which I settle a score with a French teacher


– A French teacher once told me that there are no words with more than 3 consecutive consonants in the French language.

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Cooking with Nick: Beef and Guinness Pie


– When it comes to food, there is no worse disaster than a delicious meal that falls short on social media. What a disaster! After hours of toiling in the kitchen, a meager half-dozen likes from your immediate family makes you want to swear off cooking forever. Desperate cooks, fret not! With its warm colour palette, tasteful use […]

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Buying a monthly ticket with the BVG


– Buying a monthly public transit ticket is a simple, painless process in Berlin. Here's how you do it with a credit card.

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Sunday Stats: Mapping Canada’s war dead

– After a few weeks of wrestling with century-old data, I finally managed to get the 66 000 Canadian Expeditionary Force war graves on a map, with only a few dozen missing graves. The Canadian Expeditionary Force is the designation for the Canadians who fought overseas in the First World War. The data here comes from the Commonwealth […]

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Playing with data: linking soldiers and war graves


– Over the past week, I have written about the Canadian Expeditionary Force and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission data sets. After loading both data sets in a common database, it is finally time to bring them together.

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