A letter from the past

Have you ever wondered what your past self would think of you if you ever got to meet him? Five years ago, I wrote a letter addressed to my future self. It was delivered to me this afternoon.

The letter goes as follows:


Dear FutureMe,

I bet you didn't remember that letter you wrote to yourself back in 2010, huh?

How are things doing for you? I guess you should be graduating in software engineering soon. I'm pretty sure you've got C++, AJAX and all that stuff figured out by now. You will be able to find a job you REALLY like, after all that effort.

I guess you must be in Montreal right now. How's your pad? Did you build that media center you've were talking about all the time?

What about training? I just took up training and started eating more in order to gain some muscle and stay in shape. Did it work? At 6 feet and 134 pounds, it's a much-needed change!

I also hope you are still a nice guy. Heck, you might even have stopped procrastinating! I know it's killing me right now, but I still prefer programming over doing stupid french homework.

I hope everything went for the better in the last 5 years.


Hello, past me,

I am still two years from graduation, as expected. I am sad to say I still don't have C++ figured out, but I did become proficient in Python and JavaScript and toyed with various projects. C++ is still on my list, but I rarely have an idea that requires it. All that effort did pay off and I thank you for it. I have worked with fantastic people and your hard work is paying for university.

I have been living in Montreal for two years now, although I'll spend the next 8 months in Berlin for an internship. My pad is rad, and my media center is one of my favorite and most useful projects.

I now sit at a much healthier 165 pounds, but I have stopped going to the gym. I plan to sign up again as soon as I am settled in Berlin, no excuses!

I hope I am still a nice guy too! However, I certainly did not stop procrastinating, and university has absolutely no pity for the lazy. On the bright side, programming paid off tremendously, unlike those French classes.

All in all, things did go for the better. There were some tough moments, but it only made the good moments better.


Receiving this letter brightened my day, so I decided to write my future self another letter with renewed wishes. It's fun to see how much can change in 5 years, and how dreams are wrought by various experiences. You can do the same thing by visiting futureme.org.

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