A mixed bag of tips


  • You can open links in a new tab by clicking them with the mouse wheel. Middle-clicking tabs will close them.
  • Press Ctrl+Shift+T to open the last closed tab
  • Use smart keywords to search anything from the URL bar, including Trly.gd. This trick also works with URL shorteners!


  • Have an app that refuses to close? Hold the power button until the close then hold the middle button. This will close any app that might cause trouble.
  • Visit AppShopper to browse only free apps or track price changes.


  • Use zippo lighter fluid to remove sticker residues (or about anything, really).
  • AA battery chargers also work for AAA batteries. Just find a conductive piece to fill the gap between the poles.


  • Ask your bank about your savings account. They take 20$ from my account weekly plus 5$ for each debit card transaction I make and put them in my savings account.


  • Submit your pictures and works to Wikimedia Commons and let everyone enjoy them.
  • Put those few bucks left on your PayPal account to good use with microloans.

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