Hey Adobe, your store sucks!

Whenever possible, I use genuine or free software on my computer. I'm not particularily rich, but I still think buying your software is the right thing to do. However, some software companies go out of their way to make it impossible for you to pay for their products. Enter Adobe Education Store. For the last two hours, I've been trying to no avail to buy Creative Suite 5 Web from them using PayPal. Their Canada store might not exist at all, as I got redirected to the US store and even to the UK one a few times. Still not defeated, I added CS5 to my cart in the US store and proceeded to checkout. After creating an Adobe ID, I was told that they won't accept PayPal for this particular order, with no mention of a reason. Many tries later, I was still not able to achieve a purchase so I headed towards the support section looking for a sales support email/number. Nothing!

It looks like Adobe really doesn't want my money, after all. If they absolutely insist, I know a bunch of places where the suite is just a download away.

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