Trading a Canadian driver license for a German one

  1. Yasmin A said (23 Nov. 2017):

    Hi Nicolas,

    When they take away your Canadian license, do they give you a temporary license like they do in Canada – or a paper in which you can still drive while you wait for your license to be ready to pick up?


  2. Nicolas Bouliane said (13 Dec. 2017):

    They only take your Canadian licence away once they give you your (plastic) German licence, so at any time, you will hold a valid licence.

  3. Annicka said (7 Feb. 2018):

    I recently exchange my Canadian driver’s license for a German one. I’m wondering whether you have any tips about the next step–getting insurance. Did you need to get proof from Canada that your driving record was clean? Did you write to your former insurance company for this?

  4. Camila said (21 Feb. 2018):

    Hello, I am curious to know if they take away your Canadian license?….In the event that I move back to Canada Id like to have my license with me.

    Thank you!

  5. Camila said (21 Feb. 2018):

    Hello again,
    Must you have your license translated to the international one first? Or can I do this process with my original?

    Thank you again,

  6. Nicolas Bouliane said (28 Feb. 2018):

    I did not need a translation for my Canadian driving licence, which was in French.

  7. Nicolas Bouliane said (28 Feb. 2018):

    Yes, they will take your Canadian licence away, but you are still able to drive with your German licence in Canada, and you can trade your German licence for a Canadian one. It works both ways!

  8. Nicolas Bouliane said (28 Feb. 2018):

    I did not go through that procedure, but I read that it’s possible to do this. I frankly don’t remember with which insurance company I was in Canada, but I’m sure there’s a way.

  9. Benoit Auclair said (20 Mar. 2018):

    Hi Nicolas!
    I’m based in BW and so far have been told by local authorities that I need to take a theoretical and practical driving test + vision test and show the results in order to exchange my Canadian-Quebec driving licence. The Annex 11 you point out to seems to suggest I should not have to do that. What documents have they asked you for exactly beyond your driving licence + translation? Do you know where I can find this Annex 11 in German so I may be able to show it in case they stick to their guns?
    All the best!

  10. Nicolas Bouliane said (24 May. 2018):

    They are misinformed. You do not have to do that. I and another friend of mine both got our licences without this. You probably left this comment before I moved this guide to and added more details to it. Here is a link:

    Feel free to message me if you have more questions. I only browse through wordpress comments once or twice a year.

  11. Rohan Parekh said (12 Jun. 2018):

    Hi Nicolas,

    It is really helpful to see you blog. Thank you for this. I already have USA/NJ driving license. What I will need exactly to get an German license?

  12. Jasmine said (27 Jun. 2018):

    I just read the comments here and I’m confused about one thing. My drivers license is in French from Quebec. I have my appointment very soon and you wrote here you don’t need an official translation but then on the link you provided on the latest comment it’s written you need one. So do I need to translate my French Canadian driver’s license or not? Thanks!!

  13. Thomas Crook said (27 Jun. 2018):

    Hello everyone,

    Last year I exchanged my Canadian licence for a German one. Now I am back in Canada for a few months and I want to get my Canadian licence back. It is possible for me to claim my licence as lost and get a new one here. Does the German authorities inform Canadian authorities that they have taken my Canadian licence and have given me a German one in return? I don’t want to go through the whole process of exchanging my German one for Canadian again since I will be travelling back and forth


  14. Felicia said (12 Jul. 2018):

    I contacted the embassy here in Berlin asking how to get an international driving license first so I can exchange for the German one. The lady insisted that I have to deal with the German authority directly, she dind’t know anything about the international driving license.

    Did anyone face the similar situation? How should I resolve this?

  15. Nicolas Bouliane said (12 Jul. 2018):

    The international driving licence is not the same thing. Here is a detailed guide on the topic: How to get an international driving permit in Berlin

  16. Nicolas Bouliane said (12 Jul. 2018):

    I had an international driving permit (official translation) with me when I visited the Bürgeramt. I am not 100% sure whether it’s necessary. When you get an answer, please report back so I update this guide with the answer.

  17. Living in Berlin said (28 Jul. 2018):

    How long does it take to exchange a canadian license to a german one. My wife applied over 2 months ago, and she called. They said it will take another 2 months at least. Is that normal?

  18. Lisa said (15 Aug. 2018):

    Do I need to do first aid and eye test to exchange license ? I have a Ontario license.

  19. Nicolas Bouliane said (24 Aug. 2018):

    Yes, if it’s anything like in Quebec, you will need an eye test.

  20. Nicolas Bouliane said (24 Aug. 2018):

    As mentioned in the linked article, it will take at least 2 months. It took me 14 weeks, and things reportedly got worse since then.

  21. Ebrima Barry said (6 Feb. 2019):

    Hi Nicolas

    My question is whether a Gambian driving is allow to exchange in Germany?

  22. john c said (18 Feb. 2019):

    I have a G1 license and want to know whether I have a write the theory exam again in Germany.

  23. Dean B. said (18 Apr. 2019):

    What about motocycle licence ? Can I also exchange that one ?tnx

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