Cooking with Nick: Ja! cheeseburgers

Stacking buns, meat and cheese is a relic of the past, a testament to the inefficiencies of the Old World. Germany is giving us a glimpse of future of eating with their assortment of pre-assembled staple foods. In the name of science, I decided to put them to the test. This week, we're cooking REWE's Ja! cheeseburgers.

REWE burgers

Inside the Ja! branded wrapping lies a pair of perfectly identical cheeseburgers. The familiar shape and size of the cheeseburgers serve as an appropriate homage to burgers of another age, one in which they were prepared by hand in dirty kitchens. However, behind this facade lies the product of centuries of industrial might. This consummate reinterpretation of an old classic is made to standards the old methods cannot aim to replicate. The buns, patties and cheese are perfectly shaped and aligned. Even the perfect distribution of sesame seeds on the buns is hard to ignore.


Inside the buns, the REWE engineers did away with all but the essential. It's an elegant statement about what really is in a cheeseburger: cheese, and burger. A half-inch thick patty is topped by a slice of cheese and nothing more.


The ingredients are already seasoned and cooked, and thus only need to be warmed up. Only five minutes separate you from a memorable meal. Long gone are the days of messy kitchens.


After a short time in the oven, the cheeseburgers gain the texture and warmth of a true meal, ready to satisfy the palate of the hungry. REWE believes in freedom, and therefore, one fills a REWE cheeseburger as he chooses, free from imposed condiment choices.


The final result is a burger that is nothing short of perfect, and ready to satisfy the most demanding consumers.


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