Create a shortcut for a quick access to the Hosts file

The HOSTS file is a quick and painless way to block websites that could harm your computer or show you an alternative meaning to "Lemon Party". If you haven't learned about it yet, here's how it works.

Now let's say you want to create a shortcut to the file so you can easily add new websites to it.

  1. First, create a shortcut to notepad.exe on your desktop (%windir%system32notepad.exe in Windows 7).
  2. Right-click the shortcut and select Properties
  3. If you use Windows Vista or 7, click Advanced..., check Run as an administrator and press Ok. We need administrator rights to edit the HOSTS file.
  4. In the Target field, add %windir%system32notepad.exe %windir%System32driversetchosts to the end of the shortcut. If you did it right, the shortcut path should be the following: %windir%system32notepad.exe %windir%System32driversetchosts

You might want to use an explicit name such as "Edit the hosts file" and place it in your Start menu in order to quickly find it with the Start menu search box.

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