How to disable/kill LanSchool

Here is a simple and ridiculously efficient way to kill LanSchool and access internet. This one is new and works as of November 20, 2009 with version

  1. Go to C:Program Files (can be accessed by going up folders from My Documents) and then find the LanSchool folder.
  2. Delete or move as many files as you can from the LanSchool folder. The application can survive this, so we will go a step further and make sure it can't run even if the files are there.
  3. Right-click on school.exe and select Properties.
  4. Go to the Compatibility tab.
  5. Check the Execute in compatibility mode box and choose the oldest available operating system.
  6. LanSchool might then show various installation boxes. Always click cancel.

Voilà! You can now use Internet Explorer and other restricted applications, completely unseen!

UPDATE: Some people do not have access to these files. Another way to sabotage the LanSchool files would be to create a batch file that messes with the files it needs to run.

  1. jon a dit (9 fév. 2010):

    dude.. in school they block that so u cany get into the program files.. noob

  2. admin a dit (9 fév. 2010):

    Look, « dude », it worked here and it’s a legit exploit. No need to bash on others because you can’t figure a way to kill it yourself.

  3. Toast a dit (10 fév. 2010):

    Ok, « dude 1″, in many schools the program files are not blocked. And if they are in your school your the noob for not beging able to get passed that.

  4. CompHack a dit (11 fév. 2010):

    « Dude » I tried it out and it didn’t give me the installation boxes!

  5. admin a dit (11 fév. 2010):

    The basic idea is to sabotage the .exe file as much as possible.

  6. Smithy Jim a dit (11 mai. 2010):

    Lol noob. I am a teacher. You think I haven’t thought that students would attempt this? Or that Lanschool doesn’t have better protection against disabling their software.

  7. admin a dit (11 mai. 2010):

    How does being a teacher qualify you as an IT specialist? I wrote the original post from a computer blocked by LanSchool. The application replaced deleted files , so it effectively protected itself, but running it in compatibility mode is a sure-fire way to throw a wrench in the gears.

    Besides, you should watch your punctuation better before you pretend to be a teacher on the internet.

  8. Some guy a dit (14 mai. 2010):

    Lol @ the nub who thinks he can pass off as a teacher with the grammar of a 5 year old. Extremely helpful, thanks for the post!

  9. admin a dit (15 mai. 2010):

    No problem. I’m glad it worked for you!

  10. magemaniac33 a dit (20 sept. 2010):

    Or you can write a really simple 5 lined scripted with like 3-5 words on each line making a command to stop the system proccess :P

  11. Emperial a dit (2 fév. 2011):

    ok ppl… this doesnt work… in my school you cannot even access your c drive… they blocked everything including command,cmd and regedit…
    the only way i can use command is if i notepad and save it as bat… i tried killing it though that and didnt work… any more sudgestions???

  12. another guy a dit (27 avr. 2011):

    We are running LanSchool for in class, online exams. Running .exe or .bat (or any other batch files) are blocked by Group Policy. And notepad and wordpad are diasbled. USB/CD/FLOPPY drives are disabled, and there is no physical access to the internet cables connected to the computer. LanSchool can’t stop all the attempts by itself. It’s a combination of measures that could stop students from cheating on their exams;). But thanks for the article, I tried it and it didn’t work on 7.5.

  13. Conor a dit (27 avr. 2011):

    cant you just search « run » in the main search bar in the windows button and then enter cmd, then « taskkill » the lanschool web block?

  14. Cameron a dit (2 déc. 2011):

    Hey guys, Great idea, sadly it doesn’t work for me. I go to an extremely nerdy school, and my school has basically gave me a low level account. I could deactivate it myself, but I would need to increase my account to the admin level. Do you have any ideas? If so please email me!

    Thank you in advance,

  15. Anon a dit (15 fév. 2012):

    I can run .bat files on school computers and assume I can use taskkill, but I can’t open a taskmanager plus cmd is blocked. If anyone has the name of the processes ran by lanschool I’d love you forever.

  16. someguy a dit (21 fév. 2012):

    if you cant acsees taskmanager try crtl shif esc if that dont work win key r to open run and type in taskman.exe

    and btw do you have to log off and log back in for this to work?

  17. sevy a dit (1 mar. 2012):

    i don’t have any files on mine

  18. Jms a dit (19 avr. 2012):

    the process is called student.exe, but at my school it says « access denied » when i try to delete the process with batch or task manager.

  19. belehhhhhhhh a dit (12 avr. 2016):

    At my school, we have the LanSchool program icon in the taskbar, and when you right-click it, it opens Explorer. Go to the path at the top (path/address bar) and choose « Windows (C:) ». BAM you’re in the C drive. No one tell anyone I commented…i was never here…

  20. belehhhhhhhh a dit (12 avr. 2016):

    Also, you can bypass internet blocks with http://ansgcc.org

    It works with most sites, but NOT agar.io.

    Another great proxy is 8proxy.space, but it doesn’t work as well as ansgcc.org. Luckily my school doesn’t block this amazing proxy, because it doesn’t have « proxy » or « anonymous » or other keywords in its URL.

    Your school might block it. Try it!

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