Compatible Argosy-HV335T dongles

I've just received my HV335T HDD media player in the mail, and it's awesome. The box states that the device supports Wi-Fi dongles with the Realtek RTL8187B, RTL8192 and RTL8191SU chipsets. That doesn't make finding a compatible dongle easy, but fortunately, here is a list of compatible dongles. Most of the Wi-Fi dongles listed here also work with the Asus O!Play devices.

  • The Zonet ZEWN2546 (802.11n) is recommended by Argosy. You can find them for around 15$ in the US, and around 30$ in Canada.
  • TheĀ 802.11N1 1T2R Adapter on MonoPrice sells for around 15$ too, and reportedly works with the HV335T, despite the description that says otherwise.
  • According to one of our commenters, the Airlink AWLL6075 also works fine. You can grab it from around 16$ on eBay or Amazon.
  1. pmascarenas said (9 Aug. 2010):

    i purchased the airlink awll6075 off ebay for 16 bucks works fine with the hv335t

  2. Alperen said (29 Feb. 2016):

    Hi there i bought this dnogle recently and i tested on all of my windows 7 64bit pcs and none of them work i have tried numerous drivers but does not work.Any help would be appreciated. While at this another quick question, can i use one dnogle to have a BT keyboard and a BT mouse connected and working at the same time ? thanks. please email me if any answers

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