A first day at home

3 days ago, on a bright, hot summer day like there are few in Quebec's summers, I was sitting inside a small coffee shop, impatiently waiting to lay my signature on my very first web development contract. Oh, I had made websites before, but none I got paid for. An hour later, we went our separate ways; me with a check, them with a warranty of getting their work done.

A weekend and 15 hours working at Staples later, it was time to get to work. Even if I wasn't going very far today, save the occasional to-and-fro between the desk and the kitchen counter, it was no excuse to avoid leaving my PJ's. LifeHacker said it: "no pants, no productivity", and I wholeheartedly agree!

With a simple rule in mind (don't check Reddit) and a good night's sleep, it took me three hours to clear my task list without even checking Facebook or Google Reader. Thanks to a few useful tools, my first day was a success.


  • Dress up as if I you were going to work
  • Use Remember the Milk to get things done without forgetting anything
  • Keep a clean and distraction-free workspace
  • Set pauses to leave the computer and do something else


  • Check Facebook, Reddit or Google Reader
  • Work in the basement

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