Many ticks running at once

Made for freelancers

Ticks makes it simple to track and bill multiple projects right from the task tray. You can create as many Ticks as you want and follow projects separately. Set your rate, start the tick and forget it!

Ticks in action

Easy to use

You can control all your timers from a single accessible panel, give them a name, set your rate and you are ready to go.

Just double-click the icon to see how much time you have spent on your projects.

Incremental billing in Ticks


Ticks can be set to bill exactly the way you want. Whether you need to bill by-the-minute or incrementally, configuring a timer is easy as pie.

Incremental billing in Ticks

What's new in 1.4?

Ticks 1.4 now saves everything in the convenient .csv format so you can view and edit your logs and timers with Excel.

The complete list of changes can be found in the changelog.

What's coming next?

Ticks is abandonned as of November 2011. It has now reached the status of "feature-complete", but I have switched to an automated billing system, and won't be updating it.