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I link people to this page when their questions are too vague to answer. Try these tips, and ask again.

What are you trying to do?

Tell me what you actually want to do, not just your attempted solution. Your approach might be wrong. I might know a better way to solve your problem.

What went wrong?

Tell me where you got stuck. Give me enough details to understand the problem. If you give me all the information up front, we save a lot of time.

Bad: “Help my car doesn’t work”

Good: “My 2009 Ford Focus won’t start. When I turn the key, the dash lights come on, and the radio starts, but the engine does not turn at all.”

What have you tried so far?

Tell me how you have tried to solve your problem. Have you searched for existing solutions? Have you tried any of the solutions? What happened?

If you tell me what did not work, we save a lot of time. I can understand the problem better, and offer more specific help.

Bad: “What should I see and do in Berlin”

Good: “What residence permit options do I have? I can’t get a work visa or a Blue Card because I don’t have vocational training. Can I move to Germany as a student, or do an internship there instead?”

What is your situation?

Provide all the important information up front. If I have enough information to help you, we can solve your problem faster.

Bad: “Help how do I move to Germany?”

Good: “I am a Nigerian citizen and I currently live in Hungary. I have a university degree in software engineering. How can I move to Germany?”

Remember the human

I will help you for free, but I ask for 3 things in return: