Below are recipes I love to make. Most of them were shamelessly stolen, then metricated, and modified beyond recognition. They're mine now.

Chicken pot pie

– A classic chicken pot pie

Canadian sugar pie

– Tarte au sucre is a traditional dessert from Quebec. It's quick to prepare, and quick to disappear. It's not a French tarte au sucre.

1 euro gnocchi

– A quick and dirty gnocchi recipe that takes 15 minutes, costs less than 1€ per portion, and doesn't use any perishable ingredients.

Banana pancakes

– A sweet pancake recipe that's quicker, easier and tastier than regular crêpes.

Thai dragon pork noodles

– Ramen noodles with pork and a rich, spicy sauce

Tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean

– A traditional recipe from my region, best enjoyed during the holidays.

Pulled pork

– A simple, delicious pulled pork recipe that makes your whole house smell like heaven.


– A versatile, vegan italian dip that's great for picnics.

Spicy thai noodles

– A semi-spicy vegan pasta recipe with cilantro, carrots and honey, soy sauce. Trust me, it just works.

Chocolate chip cookies

– This is my adaptation of Jamie Oliver's chocolate chip cookies recipe.