These are some of the things I built over the years. You will find many more of my projects on GitHub. You will find my resume on LinkedIn.


It collects all your stuff, and it puts it on a nice timeline. It's like a photo stream, a diary, and an activity log mashed together.

Powered panniers

I wired my motorcycle luggage to the battery. It charges my devices while I ride.


In 2019, I moved to an apartment with a small garage. In 2020, I started putting it to use.

Personal website 3.0

A simpler, faster, mobile-friendly rewrite of my personal website.

Home server

I built a movie streaming server. My friends dubbed it "Nickflix".

Berlin Bot

A small Reddit bot that answers common questions on /r/berlin

3D printing

I owned a 3D printer for a while

All About Berlin

A website that helps people settle in Berlin and navigate German bureaucracy. Gets over 50 000 visitors a month. Built with Craft.

Markdown Notes

A Markdown editor with LaTeX support. Built with Angular with a Django backend.

Pratt & Whitney internal tools

A complete redesign of Pratt & Whitney's internal process certification tool

Bill Splitter

A simple tool that splits bills between roommates. Built with Django and Bootstrap.


A simple Android word game. Find as many words as you can before the time runs out.

Quick WHOIS for Chrome

A simple Chrome extension that shows the WHOIS record of the current tab's domain.


A time tracking app that resides in the Windows system tray. Written in C#.

A keyword-based search engine that redirects your search.