These are some of the things I built over the years. You will find many more of my projects on GitHub. You will find my resume on LinkedIn.


In 2019, I moved to an apartment with a small garage. In 2020, I started putting it to use.

Personal website v3

A simpler, faster, mobile-friendly rewrite of my personal website.

Home server

I built custom software for a movie server that runs under my kitchen counter. My friends dubbed it "Nickflix".

Berlin Bot

A small Reddit bot that answers common questions on /r/berlin

All About Berlin

A website that helps people settle in Berlin and navigate German bureaucracy. Gets over 50 000 visitors a month. Built with Craft.

Markdown Notes

A Markdown editor with LaTeX support. Built with Angular with a Django backend.

Pratt & Whitney internal tools

A complete redesign of Pratt & Whitney's internal process certification tool

Bill Splitter

A simple tool that splits bills between roommates. Built with Django and Bootstrap.


A simple Android word game. Find as many words as you can before the time runs out.


A time tracking app that resides in the Windows system tray. Written in C#.

A keyword-based search engine that redirects your search.