Nicolas Bouliane

Personal website 4.0 Built in

I rebuilt my website again. I chose a simple design and simple tech.

The previous iteration of this blog was over-engineered. I used a heavy CMS with too many moving parts that demanded too much upkeep.

Flower with deep roots

Now, it’s built with a static site generator I made. It swallows a bunch of markdown files and spits out a static website. I put those files on a server, and I get a simple, fast, zero-maintenance website. I can just forget that it’s there and it will run until I stop paying the hosting bill.

I built something that would just work and require as little attention as possible. It’s calm technology. It reflects my changing relationship with technology.

I kept the design simple and readable. It’s inspired by Maggie Appleton’s digital garden, from which it borrows a few colours.