Making quieter technology

– I spent the last years making technology calm and pleasant to use. This is roughly how I did it.

Please ask nicely

– If you read this, it's because you asked me a question, and I can't help you. Here is how you can ask again.

Renault Kangoo KC torque settings

– These are some of the common torque settings on a Renault Kangoo I (up to 2007)

How to clear the nginx static cache

– This is how you clear the nginx fastcgi cache or proxy cache without restarting nginx.

How to write clearly

– This is an article about technical writing. It lists the tricks I use to write clear instructions for a wide audience. This is how I write guides for All About Berlin.

How to replace the camera lens on a Pixel 5

– If you cracked the glass on your Pixel 5's camera, here's how to change it.

Halving All About Berlin's load time

– A tiny change made the JavaScript code on All About Berlin load twice as fast.

10:10 is the best time to look for a Bürgeramt appointment

Road review: DJ703I, Romania

– An overview of the DJ703I road in Romania, between Corbi and the Vidraru dam on the the Transfăgărășan.

How to extract subtitles with ffmpeg

– This is how you extract .srt and .vtt subtitles from a video with ffmpeg.