Automated cache clearing on All About Berlin

– How I automatically purge pages from the cache when they are saved.

How I built currency conversion tooltips

– This is how I made euro amounts a little easier to understand on All About Berlin.

How to tighten the steering head bearing on a V-Strom

– How to fix wobbly forks in 30 minutes. Some special tools needed.

How to apply for an Indian Tourist Visa in Kathmandu

– This is how you get an Indian Tourist Visa in Nepal.

A map for every journey

– It's damn nice to know where you are, and where you're going.

Machine talk

– I don't feel so good about AI

Digital gardening

– A website is a lot like a garden.

A matter of maintenance

– Long-distance motorcycle travel is a matter of maintenance.

Making quieter technology

– I spent the last years making technology calm and pleasant to use. This is roughly how I did it.

Please ask again

– If I linked you to this page, it's because I can't or won't help you. Here is how to fix it.