Nicolas Bouliane

Read it like you please Posted on

For the most part, the content I create is just text on a page.

You can read it on any screen you like. You can use your browser’s reader mode. You read it later in Pocket or Instapaper. You can even print it if that’s how you roll.

If your eyes struggle, you can zoom in. It won’t distort the page layout. If you have a disability, you can have your screen reader read it to you.

In any case, the content won’t look much different. It might be missing the widgets and calculators I built to explain things, but I account for that. The content repeats the same information, only with more words.

If the website goes down, you can read it on I built the pages to be archivable without losing functionality.

Webpages should not be opinionated. They should let readers consume them as they please, with the tools they prefer. After all, it’s just text on a page.