Nicolas Bouliane

Digital gardening Posted on

A website is a lot like a garden.

I spend most of my days tending to my garden. I walk around it aimlessly, plucking dead links, pruning superfluous words, and repotting overgrown paragraphs into their own articles. I neglect some sections and obsess over others.

I accept that my work will remain unfinished. I am eager to discover what the soil can produce, but there are only so many hours in a day. I already marvel at how far it has come.

I have learned to welcome other gardeners as peers, instead of fearing them as competitors. I have learned to share advice and compliments freely. The world needs more gardens.

This article is a seedling. I might tend to it later, when it feels right. Kind regards to Maggie Appleton, who introduced me to this metaphor.