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I bought a bicycle to ride the national bike route from Seoul to Busan, then ferry to Japan and keep going.

Buying a bicycle in Seoul was not easy, and I regret not bringing my own bicycle. If you’re thinking of doing the same, this post is for you.

Bicycle on the Korean national bike route
The bike I ended up with

Since I was not returning to Seoul, renting from Green Cycle Park was not possible. I was hoping to find a cheap used bike. I did not intend to keep it, so a new bike would have been expensive and wasteful.

The Seoul bicycle culture

Seoul has a vibrant cycling community, but it’s almost exclusively riding expensive road bikes and the occasional mountain bike. There is little love for touring bikes, gravel bikes, or anything that isn’t a race bike.

This extends to bicycle accessories. It’s nearly impossible to find fenders, pannier racks, side bags, or bicycles that can accommodate them.

There are some people commuting on old budget mountain bikes, and you will see them scattered around. There is also Seoul Bike, the city’s absurdly cheap bike rental scheme.

Bicycles in Seoul
The bikes you see on Seoul streets

There are English and Korean-speaking cycling communities. Among them are Dossa and Han River Riders Cycling. I owe the latter a debt of gratitude for helping me find a bike.

The Seoul bicycle infrastructure

Seoul is not a bicycle-friendly city. There is a beautiful bike path that lines each bank of the Han river, and a few narrow bike lanes, but for the most part, you will find yourself dodging pedestrians on the side walk, or dodging cars in the street.

Han river bike path in Seoul
The pristine bike path on the Han River. 20 km/h speed limit enforced by radar.
Sidewalk on a Seoul bridge
Otherwise cycling in Seoul looks like this.

In my two weeks in Seoul, I saw very few people on bicycles, except along the Han River.

Where to buy a (used) bicycle

Start with this article from It’s written by an actual human who tried to buy a bicycle. I am merely adding to that post.

This is where I found decent bikes:

Where to buy bicycle accessories

This was much harder. I could not find fenders anywhere, and only Bikely sold pannier racks and saddle bags. I found some 250 kilometres away, but by then it was pointless to buy them.