Nicolas Bouliane

Where to find Renault service manuals Posted on

The repair manual for all Renault vehicles can be found in Dialogys. This software comes on DVDs, and contains all repair manuals and technical manuals for all Renault vehicles, including very old models.

Dialogys is just a PDF viewer, so if you can find .iso images of the DVDs, you can open them and extract the PDFs. Once you have the PDFs, you can read them on any platform. They’re just sitting in a folder called “data”. In my version (4.55), they are stored on the 5th DVD.

Normally, Dialogys sells for about 100€, but you can find torrents for older versions of Dialogys. I found version 4.55 in English on The Pirate Bay. It includes all manuals up to 2014. This is how I got the repair manuals for my 2006 Renault Kangoo.