Nicolas Bouliane

How to fix "READ ERROR" on Fujifilm cameras Posted on

You might get a grey screen that says “READ ERROR” when you try to view your photos on a Fujifilm camera. I had this issue on my X-T10 camera, but this issue happens with all Fujifilm X-series cameras.

The issue is caused by hidden files and folders created on the memory card when you read them on your computer. For instance, the .DS_Store files on OS X. Unfortunately, the bright minds at Fujifilm did not account for that when designing their cameras, and the problem remained unfixed for years.

The easiest solution is to lock your SD card before you read in on your computer. The other solution is to use software that disables the creation of hidden metadata files on external devices. This problem was documented here and here.

If you already get a “READ ERROR” message, the only solution is to format your memory card.