A semi-spicy vegan pasta recipe with cilantro, carrots and honey, soy sauce. Trust me, it just works.



  1. Boil the pasta with a tablespoon of salt.
  2. While the pasta cooks, grate the carrot, chop one or two green onions, and enough cilantro to top the dish. Crush some peanuts to sprinkle on top.
  3. Put 6 tbsp of sesame oil, and 1/2 tbsp chili flakes in a sauce pan on low heat for around 5 minutes.
  4. Add 3 tbsp honey and 4 tbsp soy sauce to the pan, and turn the heat way down.
  5. When the pasta is ready, mix it with the sauce. Top with carrots, cilantro, green onions and crushed peanuts.

I have made that recipe countless times, and learned a few lessons:

  • Too many green onions will ruin this dish, but you can use a lot of cilantro.
  • Crushing the peanuts is worth the extra effort. It helps them mix with the pasta instead of slipping off your fork.
  • If your guests like spicy food, don't be afraid to use more chili flakes. 1/2 tbsp is the sweet spot for delicate European palates, but you can double that amount.