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You must start this recipe a day in advance. You also need 6-7 hours of cooking, and 30 minutes of cooling.

  1. Mix beef, pork, chicken, onions, salt and pepper together, and leave to marinate overnight.
  2. For convenience, you can also dice potatoes on the first day, and let them rest in cold water overnight.
  3. Place dough at the bottom and on the sides of a well-buttered pot. You need a large 8 litre pot.
  4. Add the potatoes, onions and meat to the pot. Mix them together before adding them to the pot.
  5. Place dough over the pie. Make a 2 cm circle in the middle to let the heat out and watch the water level.
  6. Pour broths into the hole in equal parts until the water level is 2-3 cm below the meat. If you have a shallower baking dish, fill the pie almost to the brim. You might have some broth left.
  7. Cook covered for around 45 minutes at 220ºC, until the crust is cooked. Reduce heat to 135ºC, and cook for 6 more hours. The water level should be at 75% after 4 hours, and below 50% after 6 hours. That’s when the pie is ready. When you take it out of the oven, the meat will soak up the rest of the water.

I don’t have an 8 litre pot, so I make it in a baking dish. I have enough extra filling to make a second, smaller pie. This one cooks a bit faster.

Merci, Suzie!

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