Berlin at last!

2015-05-03 16.32.52

After Brussels and Rome comes Berlin, and it was love at first sight.

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Second stop: Rome

2015-04-27 11.19.20

I missed an opportunity to see Italy two years ago, so I made it my duty to see Rome on my way to Berlin. With five days to myself, I had plenty of time to wander in the eternal city. This is the recap.

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A letter from the past


Have you ever wondered what your past self would think of you if you ever got to meet him? Five years ago, I wrote a letter addressed to my future self. It was delivered to me this afternoon.

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First stop: Brussels

I made the best of my 10 hour layover in Brussels. A short article about Belgium’s gorgeous capital.

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Looking at two years of text messages

Before selling my Nexus 4, I made a backup of all the text messages sent or received since I got the device 2 years ago. This is the data that came out of it.

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Finding a furnished flat in Berlin

The building as it stood in 1910.

Of all the hoops one must jump through to spend 8 months in Berlin, finding an apartment a flat is by far the toughest one. I spent more time looking for a place to live than I did planning the rest of my trip. Other expats I have chatted with reassured me that this is fairly normal. […]

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Toronto in 10 hours

I was interviewed a few feet from where that picture was taken.

A short chronicle of my day in Canada’s biggest city.

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From Montreal to Berlin: what you need to know


A list of important lessons learned by a Canadian travelling to Germany. Health insurance, visas and more.

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Le serveur multimédia, prise 2

Nouveau look du serveur multimédia

Une nouvelle démonstration du serveur multimédia. Nouveau look, mode Netflix, automatisation et plus encore!

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Une nouvelle recette pour les novices du fourneau

Le temps de préparation du sandwich moyen me décourage souvent de cuisiner, mais avec les bonnes recettes, on y prend goût. En voici une que j’aime bien préparer.

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